Let me show you the fun way to teach yourself Japanese.

I wish I could know what my favorite bands are singing about.

You, after many frustrated attempts to level-up your Japanese.

I wish I was able to talk to my Japanese friends.

I wish I could watch my favorite anime, but the English subtitles aren’t out yet!

I wish I could have the knowledge of every kanji and it’s reading.

Does this sound like you?

It sounds like me.

If you’re learning Japanese so you can better understand your favorite pop cultural media, and so you can obsess about it with your Japanese-speaking friends, then you’ve come to the right place.

Why are you doing this?

I taught myself Japanese and passed JLPT N2.

When I talk to other Japanese learners, I’m shocked to realize that they didn’t learn Japanese the way I did.

They took classes, and used textbooks, and spoke to Japanese teachers.

I did some of those things, too. But I also talked to strangers on Skype, fell in love with kanji, and pretty much only listened to Japanese music for a third of my life.

I constantly get asked, “How did you study for N2?” When the answer is, “I didn’t really study for it,” the next question is always:

What?! How did you learn Japanese, then? Teach me!

This blog is my answer to that question.

How will this help me?

I wanted to create one place where I can answer all of the Japanese language learning questions I’ve gotten from friends and peers over the years.

You, after using the resources on this site to fuel your passion for all things Japanese.

I hope that by sharing some of what I did, I can help more people to strive for (and hopefully achieve) mastery of the Japanese language.

I’m all about Japanese popular culture. Visual kei, anime and manga, J-horror movies, visual novels… Pretty much anything you would associate with the term “Otaku,” “Japanophile” or “Weeaboo.”

And I don’t deny it.

Instead, I use that obsession to fuel my Japanese study.

It’s way more fun than slogging through a boring old textbook, I’ll tell you that!

I want to show you how you can do it, too.

Where do I start?

My Ultimate Guide on how to Learn Japanese with Japanese Pop Culture is a good place to start. It details exactly how I used my favorite pop culture materials to study Japanese.

Learn Japanese through Pop Culture: An Ultimate Guide

I also have several guides on how to master the four skills of Japanese:

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Japanese Listening Skills

8 Proven Methods to Amplify Your Japanese Speaking Skills

Boost Your Japanese Reading Practice With This Simple 3-Step Process

3 Practices to Strengthen Your Japanese Writing Skills

Still not sure if you can do this? I promise, you can! Here’s how to get started teaching yourself Japanese, pluts 21 easy things you can try today to skyrocket your Japanese skills.

How to Teach Yourself Japanese: 21 Ways to Skyrocket Your Japanese Skills in Just 1 Year

Even if you can only stick with just one, you’ll be amazed how good you get at Japanese.

Wait, but who are you though?

Hi! My sister-in-law calls me Japanaya 😊 Yeah, that’s how obsessed I am with all things Japanese.

Take a look at this brief history of me 🙂 If you want to know more about something on the timeline, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

A brief history of Japanaya